Thursday, April 22, 2010

A surprise! - sorry Molly

I realize I am very behind with blogging. Between kids, apartments, and life in general, this has been one of the things (let's just say the list is long) that has been pushed aside. As I was looking through pictures of what to post, these caught my eye. Although there are things that happened before this that I haven't covered, I just couldn't let this one sit any longer.

As a preface, I'll start with an apology. As noted in the title, there is a little apology to my dear sister-in-law, Molly. I say again, sorry Molly, this tidbit really did make my day. A little history, Molly is married to Michael's brother Coby, who is stationed in Spain. So, because of the distance, we communicate mainly through Skype. Skype has the added bonus of video conferencing, which because of the time difference isn't utilized as much as we would like. I had never wanted to Skype Molly more than when she sent us a little birthday package. It had Jacob's and Christine's birthday presents, as well as a little surprise for us.

Here are the cute pajamas she sent for Jacob with the t-shirts that Christine loves. She especially likes the panda one.


A little surprise! Somehow, Kohl's must have slipped in this little goody. In case the glare from the plastic distorts it for you, yes, it is a pair of women's underwear.

Maybe a little forgiveness from Molly when she sees just how cute he is in these fireman pajamas.