Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's just a napkin right?

This would seem like an ordinary napkin, but to my girls, it is the beginning of a war. It was just a typical morning at the Croft house. I got the kids their breakfast and headed for the shower. I hate when the kids start a fight when I'm in the shower. Trying to referee with soap in your eyes and a cool breeze meeting your backside because your lovely children have to rip open the shower curtain to tell you of their sibling's latest error isn't the best start to a day.

Pre-shower, the napkin war was brewing. Christine got Emma a napkin, and Emma didn't want one (never mind that usually when Christine gets a napkin, Emma's world ends until she gets one too). Christine tried to tell her that she didn't have to use it, but it could sit there waiting for her. Emma wanted nothing to do with that napkin. I finally convinced Emma that she didn't have to use it, and it could just be next to her at the table.

To the shower with me. Christine started the tattling. "Mom, Emma keeps doing this (arm stretched out) to her napkin. She keeps pushing it to the middle of the table, and she's almost sitting on the table." Nearly all of my responses were the same, "It's just a napkin, go eat your breakfast." Emma's turn. "Mom, sissy said I hafta use that napkin." Insert my earlier response.
My miserable shower was over, and the screaming had started. Emma finally runs into my room crying. "Sissy did this to my napkin!" The napkin was nearly torn in half. I couldn't help it, my response was, "Is this the same napkin that you didn't want before?" Emma, "Yes." Insert earlier response.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Christine has been late to school a few times .

Totally unrelated, but exciting nonetheless, Jacob finally cut a tooth! 12 months old, and he finally has a tooth. It looks like the next will come through shortly.


Stacey said...

Napkins are an important item.....

Does the being late to school bother you?? :) I love when you blog about your kids...makes me smile and also be sad that my kids are so grown up...

Kristy said...

Such sisterly! Fun times are ahead for you, just wait until they are fighting over the car;)