Friday, December 17, 2010


Jacob is pretty lucky to have sisters that think he's cute. He really is all boy. His latest "game" to play with his sisters is to wrestle them to the ground. I don't have a picture of his first step in the attack. He walks up behind one of his sisters and grabs her around the waist. He's found that if he can hold on long enough, this will happen...

So, once he has one of them on the floor,

he likes to sit, bounce, or try to tickle. For now, the girls think this is hilarious. I'm not sure how funny they will think this is in a few years.

He's also discovered that a Lazy Susan is a handy little cupboard to get into. I'm thinking of moving the cereal.

He loves apples...whole.


Stacey said...

What a cutie! I cannot believe how he has changed! Beautiful kids!!

Kristy said...

Jacob reminds me so much of the Croft boys at that age. He is so cute! The girls are so beautiful! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas {HUGS}