Monday, March 2, 2009


This week is spring break here. That doesn't mean a lot for our family. Christine doesn't have school, but I still have the regular kids coming here, and we're not going anywhere during the week. I still wanted to make it special for Christine though. She would live at school if we would let her. I thought that during the times that she would regularly be at school, we would do something fun so that staying at home wasn't so boring.

The girls love to have their fingers and toes painted, and I thought Christine would like to have a mani-pedi as her fun thing for this morning. They got to pick out the color they wanted for their toes and we all did the same color on our fingers. As much as they like to have nail polish on, I think we all forget what it's like to get it on (which is probably why I don't do it very often). Emma has the hardest time. Asking her to not wiggle is akin to telling her not to breathe. Christine sits pretty well, but she likes to check her nails to see if they're dry. This requires her touching a finger to a nail, which is usually still wet, then she wants me to fix the smudge.

Normally painting my own nails is nothing to post about, except that I am 18 days away from delivering a baby. The last time I needed my toes done, I asked Michael to do it. Being the wonderful husband that he is, he painted them (after a few days of pestering). It was time again though. I have been hinting that he needs to redo them for me, but since everything was out this morning, I thought I'd do it myself. I'm not sure about the end result, after all the distance between my eyes and toes is about two feet for about 30 seconds. I do know that I won't attempt the feat again. I nearly passed out from the postition that I'd gotten into, and I ended up with a massive cramp in my hip. I'm not sure I'd call it a charlie horse, but it wasn't pleasant. When I finished, I was sore, but pleased with the job. Then I realized I still had to work my way off the floor. Under normal circumstances, I would have just stayed until everything was dried, but I couldn't sit on the floor any longer. Usually, I work into a kneeling position and can hoist myself up from there. This would have ruined my freshly painted toes as well as smearing nail polish on my very light colored carpet. Thankfully no one over 5 was there to watch, but I crabwalked/scooted over to an entry way where I could use the walls to help me up. Again, I will not paint my own toes again before the baby comes. Michael, be forewarned.


Kristin said...

Haha! thats cute....i can picture you know crabwalking to the wall...price we pay for cute toenails:)

Stacey said...

wish you would post a video of the crabwalk!! Too funny!! The image is great! :)

heatherann said...

Kristin painted my toes for me just before I had Alex, and then again for Hannah. Nothing makes you feel like a girl again like a pedicure. Let me know if you're coming to Lovell, I'll paint your toes!