Thursday, March 5, 2009

Now What do I do?

The stars have aligned and I have suddenly found myself with a little more than 24 total hours to myself! My dad works in the temple on Thursdays and comes to see the girls when he is finished. We are planning a trip to Wyoming this weekend to get things out of storage (ie my mom and dad's crawlspace). Most of our baby stuff is there, and we have put it off long enough. My mom has school off today and tomorrow for their spring break. Is anyone seeing the alignment?

My dad offered Christine the chance to ride home with him today. She loves to be at my parents' house; it is everything that ours is not. They have cable and ample room to run. Christine asks nearly every time that we are there if we can live there. Anyway, I told her she had to call Grandma and ask her first. Grandma thought it was a wonderful idea (at least that's what she told Christine). Emma was napping during all of this and it was decided that she would go too. She loves Grandma's house as well. Her favorite game is to run from one end of the house to the other and then do it again.

I got the girls packed up and as things were being put into the car, the dad of the little girl I watch came for pick-up. He said he is taking tomorrow off and won't go in even if work calls - he has to do some on-call work sometimes. So I am child-free until tomorrow evening when we get to Wyoming.

There are plenty of things that I should be doing, but I can't motivate myself to start any of them right now. Maybe tomorrow, although I'm not making any promises. I haven't been truly bored for a long time. Maybe my goal for tomorrow will be to see how bored I can get, probably not though. I promise you this, I will not be up at my normal 6:00 (or earlier if Emma has her way). Sleeping in is my #1 goal.


macgyver said...

You go girlfriend!

Just kidding. Enjoy! You deserve it!

Stacey said...

WooHoo! What a great thing for you before your little man gets here~
Sleep, sleep sleep and rest! Do what you want to do!! YAY for your parents. What a great little break.
We will be in Disney for your little ones arrival...(not my choice of vacation...but you know Tony, loves Disney!) But I will check in to see how you do. I am so excited for you!! HUGS~

gimpy50 said...

What are the chances that your dad will call you at 5 am when Emma wakes him up?

Will he call to get your permission to add extra sugar to her Fruity Pebbles cereal?

Just wondering.

Michelle Croft said...

The chances are pretty good that that would happen, although Michael and I could decide stay home for the weekend! Since it's past 5 though, thanks for not sending a wake-up call Dad. As for the cereal, we won't be there until this evening so you're just hurting yourself.

Kristy said...

My son loves the "OFFICE". I haven't watched it, but I hear roars of laughter coming from the basement everytime it is on.
Good luck with your upcoming adventure.
Best wishes!!