Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I cringe when our apartment phone rings

My job as an apartment manager is anything but fabulous. One of my least favorite aspects is the phone work that comes with the job. I'm a firm believer in caller id. It's a bit ridiculous, but I have some anxiety answering the phone when the caller id isn't familiar. Of course most of the phone calls I get on that phone are from people I don't know. Here's an example of the kinds of phone calls that I get.

Me: Mountain View Apartments, this is Michelle.
Him: Hey, you got anything open?
Me: We're actually full right now.
Him: Well, how much do your apartments cost?
Me: $900 a month, plus electricity.
Him: What apartments are these?
Me: This is Mountain View Apartments.
Him: What?
Me: This is Mountain View Apartments.
Him: Well, this is the number I got for Fox Meadows.
Me: (losing patience) It's still Mountain View Apartments.
Him: Not Fox Meadows?
Me: No.
Him: Okay, bye.
Me: Bye.

And, now you know why I cringe when the apartment phone rings.


Stacey said... are or are not Fox Meadow? ;)

Kristy said...

I know how you feel...Greg and I managed 40 town homes in Green River Wyoming about 14 years ago...worst two years ever, not even worth the free rent we got!...people are so wierd and somewhat crazy!!!! SO what apartments do you manage?;);)