Friday, July 29, 2011


Quotes from Christine and Emma this week.

Christine: Don't get me started on that myna bird business.

When talking to Christine, if you start laughing at her, she immediately clams up. She hates feeling like someone is making fun of her. So it was very important that I kept a straight face during this conversation. Emma and I were talking about pets that can talk. When the subject of myna birds came up, Christine gave the above response. This is where my acting abilities were put to the test. I couldn't think of how she would know anything about myna birds or their business. Straining to keep my smile under wraps, I asked her how she knew about them. She had read Fudgemania at school, and Fudge's myna bird's patent phrase was, "Hello stupid." Apparently, she had had enough of that myna bird business.

Emma: I hope my mouth doesn't explode.

I normally ask the kids to brush their teeth before they get dressed, so they don't get toothpaste on their clothes. Emma decided her way was better. As she was brushing her teeth, she made the above comment, hoping that she wouldn't drool toothpaste onto her shirt.

As for Jacob, he'll give me a heart attack one of these days. He knows how to unlock doors, all of the best uses for a stool, and where various dishes, foods, and beverages are kept. His next skill set to learn is how to start his own movies. He knows how to turn on the tv and dvd player, and he can even put a movie in, he just doesn't know how to get the tv to play the movie. For a little peek into our days here, this morning Emma came to get me because Jacob was watching the 6:30 AM. He's not afraid of mornings.

Julia is perfect. She sleeps well, smiles easily, and is very playful. She makes it hard to get things done, because it's so fun to play with her.

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Stacey said...

4 beauties!! You are blessed!