Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday is a Special Day

For those who aren't familiar with the children's song that I grew up with in church, when I hear the word Saturday, this song instantly pops into my mind. It describes all of the things that you do on Saturday to get ready for Sunday (clean the house, shop at the store, trim our nails, shampoo hair, etc). It is a fun song to sing as a kid. Our music leader growing up would always bring a Red Apple paper sack filled with objects that you need to do these tasks. Fast forward 20 years, and our music leader still brings a sack filled with these same objects, and the kids love this song. Some things never change!

As we were running around doing our errands today, I thought of this song. Saturday's are generally jam packed for us and today was no different. I took Christine visiting teaching with me this afternoon. I just had one lady to visit and it was her friend's Grandma. She loves to help, especially if it requires going somewhere. She wanted to be the one to hold the plate of goodies, knock on the door, and anything else that made her feel like she was a big kid. I loved having her with me. I wanted to share part of the message this month. It talked about standing strong and immovable in faith, and I really liked this quote.

Cheryl C. Lant, Primary general president: “Our personal conversion comes as we begin to live the way the Lord wants us to live—steadfast and immovable in keeping all of the commandments, not just those that are convenient. This then becomes a process of refinement as we strive to make each day a little better than the last.” I loved the part about striving to make each day better. Sometimes as you are evaluating goals that you have set or tasks that are before you, it seems undoable. Yet, if you focus on the things that you can do just for today, it suddenly becomes managable.

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