Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthday Pictures

She's a shoe girl, just like her mom.

These were the hot items. Grandpa Wynn got the girls new bikes for their birthdays. I hope Christine remembers in November that she got her birthday present in May.

Granny Cindy got her this neat "van" (fan) with a candy bracelet.

Jacob and Christine got Emma some books to finish a series they've started.

Christine loves to ride her bike. Unfortunately it was raining Tuesday night and they could only ride in Grandpa's kitchen.

Granny got a can of silly string for each girl. They quickly used all of it in the kitchen. They loved it and mom is still finding silly string!

Granny got Emma her own Care Bear. Now Christine's will have a friend.

She loves her bike. It has a water bottle and a pouch to store things in.
She pedals pretty well and then tries to go backwards, which makes the breaks come on.

Her friend party is on Saturday, pray for nice weather, and nice three year olds!

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Sweet birthday girl! I hope Christine remembers she got a bike in May, too!! :)

Great photos, I hope your party Saturday is wonderful!