Friday, May 8, 2009

St. Susan Update

I have been an awful blogger. When I do have time to blog, I prefer to sleep. Anyway, I forgot to do an update on Susan (she threw me a baby shower months ago). I had the hardest time trying to think of something that she would like. I finally decided to get her a gift basket from our favorite bakery. A little side note here - Great Harvest Bread is to die for. We have to restrain ourselves from their pumpkin chocolate chip bread, their sandwiches and their chocolate oatmeal cookies, among other things.

So, I got her a few loaves of bread, some jars of jam and a gift card for more bread. I went to deliver a thank you gift, and she managed to send me home with a pot of soup! I can't ever get even with her. I normally don't like ham and bean soup, but hers was wonderful, of coarse. I think she called it Senate Bean Soup, it is the recipe for ham and bean soup that the cafeteria in the capital serves. She is such a sweetheart! She is planning another shower for someone next Saturday, and thankfully she is letting two other girls help her with this one.

When my mind is clear and there aren't children yelling in the background, I love to think of the people that have blessed our lives since we moved here. I couldn't ask for better friends; I love the support we have here. We are truly blessed to know people like St. Susan!

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