Thursday, July 16, 2009

And Now It Starts

I have a lot of updating to do, so I'll just start from the beginning. At the end of June, Michael's brother Coby and his family came to Billings for a visit. We had a bbq at Wynn's with Tori and Mike. This was our first time meeting Anna; she is such a doll! She is 8 months old (notice how close in size she and Jacob are there is a four month difference). Out of all of the pictures that we took, we managed to leave Coby, Molly, Michael and me out of all of them.

Lily with her new friend Tori. Grandpa with all of the kids: Ryan, Emma, Jacob, Anna, Christine, and Lily.

Grandpa and Anna. Mike with Jacob.

Next onto my family reunion.

This is a view of the cabins from the lodge. The sky looked like this until the day we left.

This is my parents tent, if you look closely, ours is to the left. Emma playing cards.

Isabel (Kevin's daughter) loved picking flowers. This was the preferred mode of transportation for the kids. I'm not sure if Aunt Barb has more fun or them. This is Christine and Isabel.

My cousin Mary with her son James. Porter, Adam, and Jamen took over Jacob's toy for the afternoon. Adam would do a cute little dance to the music.

We had a pine wood derby. Most of us procrastinated making our cars until we got there. Here is Michael and Christine making her school bus. Here she is with the finished product.

The track was awesome. Here is David getting a heat started. Thanks for bringing the track up Fabianos!

Here's the reason for the gathering. Each family is wearing their own color. Notice how Croys dominated the scene. This was actually one of the smallest reunions. The siblings and spouses. l-r, back standing - Bill, Marilyn, Bill, my parents, Allen, Elaine, seated - Hazel and Barb. We sure missed Margaret, Gloria, Val, and Andy.

Next up: Camping with the Bisbys.

Here is most of Michael's family. Standing l-r: Emma, Michael, Coby, Cindy, Jay, and Pat. Sitting l-r: Christine, me with Jacob, Molly with Anna, Ryan, and Lily. Next picture is Addison, Staysha, and Molly.

What would a Bisby get together be without a birthday party? We celebrated Coby's, Michael's, Chelsea's, Keesha's, and Steven's birthdays (I hope I got that right). Next picture is Eric and Addison.

Beautiful scenery. It's not a party without funny Uncle Jeff. This is what the kids call him. When the boys were little, it was scary Uncle Jeff.

Jacob and me relaxing. Candy and Grandpa.

Next up: Jeremy's wedding and Michael's backpacking/camping trip.

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Stacey said...

HOLY COW!! You got a lot in that post! Great picts! Although you are not in a lot of must take all the photos! :)

It was so great to see you!