Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Pictures

I have just some random photos to share.

Coby making a beautiful face. Molly and Anna are in the background. I thought Molly would appreciate it if I just put this picture on. I have one where her face matches Coby's. I was looking for a pic to put on for my facebook profile when I realized that there aren't that many photos of me. Here's a recent one of Jacob and I.

Jacob has a new fixation with his tongue.

This is for Michael's benefit. I'm not a Cubs fan, but he is diehard. Too bad they always choke in the end. Are we going for 101 years dry spell now?

Christine and Emma goofing around with Brandon's hats.

Christine really wanted her picture taken.

So did Emma.

Michael needed some pictures of downtown for a brochure he did, so he went to take these from the rims the other night. I like to go on the rims and look at the view; it always amazes me how fast our little town is growing. This one has MSU-B in the foreground.

This is 27th street in the center.

This is the Conoco refinery (in Lockwood).

Not a lot going on here with us, just wasting our last weeks of summer.


Stacey said...

Great photos!! Cute family you have Michelle!!

Kristy said...

Great to see a picture of Coby. He looks great. Your children are so beautiful. They are always smiling. Very Cute!!!!