Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My big girl

Christine had her first day of kindergarten today. She also lost her first tooth! She has had such an exciting and busy day. Here are some pictures of what she did today.

Ok, so this wasn't today, it was last week, but this is her classroom. We had an open house last week where she got to meet her teacher and tour the school. After her tour she took us on a tour, her favorite room was the library. She was so excited to be there.

Getting Christine ready in the morning takes an act of Congress and a lot of patience. Not this morning, she was ready to go and helped the little kids get ready too. She even managed to put Jacob's socks on.

Our kindergartner.

The troops heading out. Jacob is with Michael. He went to work late this morning so he could be there for her first day. We'll see how tomorrow goes without his help.

Silly smile, silly girl.

Christine and Mrs. Bravo.
This scene was pretty chaotic. They have the parents say goodbye to their kids outside and then the kids walk with their teacher to the classroom. One little boy was hysterical, and a little girl wouldn't let her mom put her down. I was so glad that Christine has only been excited for school. She has never said anything about being nervous or not wanting to go. She loves to learn and will learn so much this year. She told me her favorite part of school was the three recesses. She made some new friends, but couldn't remember what their name tags said. Not surprising to me, she wasn't able to finish her lunch. Hopefully she'll get used to eating in thirty minutes and not want to spend hours at the table at home. One can dream....

Emma and Jacob left without someone to tell them what to do.
Emma loves to rule the roost, but wondered why she couldn't go to school with all of those kids. We'll start Joy School in less than three weeks. Wish me luck; it's my turn first!

The other big event of the day was Christine losing her first tooth! We discovered after the open house last week that her tooth was very loose. The tooth right by is loose as well. She asked me to pull it tonight, and it came out very easily.

Her very tiny tooth.

A new smile! She is growing so fast. I am so proud of her. I know she'll have a great year in school.


Casa de Croft said...

Bravo is the PERFECT name for a kindergarten teacher. And, by the way, BRAVO to Christine for handling the first day of Kinder so well and for losing her first tooth on such a monumental day. YAY!!!

Stacey said...

BIG day for Christine and she is so grown up! I am so glad she liked school!!

Kathy said...

Oh, what a beautiful doll. I see so much of you in her little face, but then I see her Daddy's too. Your kids are truly beautiful little things. Your baby is the spitting image of his Father. You'll do great with the Joy school - you're just like your Mom.

Kristy said...

She is such a beautiful girl. Looks like her first day was great. My kids did Joy school and loved it....Enjoy!!