Friday, August 7, 2009

Yea Emma!

Emma has been potty trained for a couple of weeks now, so last week we made a Build a Bear for her. The big prize she chose for being potty trained was to go to Build a Bear and get a bear that roars. She picked a dog instead of a bear, but the dog still roars like a bear/lion; it's really quite fierce. She picked a little bikini with flip flops for her dog to wear, the dog's name is Hannah, by the way. She wanted to name it H, but we convinced her to go with a name that started with H. We let Christine pick out an outfit for a bear she had gotten earlier. She chose a mermaid outfit for her bear to wear. Her bear's name has changed from Emma to Ariel.

Ariel, Christine, Emma, and Hannah

Hannah, Jacob, and Ariel

The girls thought this was hilarious. He would make a pretty cute girl too. A part of me feels bad for him. He will be their little doll until he's old enough to fight them off. We'll make sure every step of the way is documented. He may be sweet now, but you never know when you'll need some blackmail.


Stacey said...

YAY!!! Go Emma!! What cute kids you have, Michelle, although I like Jacob better as a boy!! :)

Kristy said...

Good Job, Emma....what a great thing for mommy and Emma;) Natalie used to love Build-A-Bear!!!! It's a fun place.