Friday, September 25, 2009

15 days

15 days until we move! This is the longest we have ever stayed in one place and I'm ready for a change. We've been busy here, but nothing fun to post about.
Christine still loves school, although she is very sad that we forgot her show and tell yesterday. Only two kids out of her group remembered though, so she wasn't the only one.
Emma is working on how people are related. For some reason, she's chosen my friend's family as her example. Betsy, she is fascinated with you guys! She talks about them all the time. She has figured out that Betsy's boys are brothers and who their mom is. She can usually remember that Dan is their dad, but tries to fit Betsy's brother Ben in as one of the kids. She has also been asking about husbands and wives. She asked who my husband was her response was, "Daddy? Our daddy? My daddy is your husband?" She seemed a little surprised with this information. She's so silly.
For the first time in his short six months, Jacob has become a challenge. For the last three or four nights (sleep deprivation causes me to lose count), he has woken up screaming and continues for about an hour. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes more than once a night. He seems to be in pain, but we can't figure it out. When these jags are over, he is right back to his pleasant baby self. Hopefully this will end soon.
That's all for us. We're pretty boring.


Stacey said...

Boring is ok!!! I am happy you get to move in only a short while. Hope you get some sleep this weekend. Your kids are so cute!! I sent the cinnamon cake recipe to your FB account.

Kara said...

Both of my kids did the same thing that Jacob is doing. While it was frustrating, it also scared me to death. There were several times we almost went to the ER because of how hurt they sounded. If I remember right, it didn't last too long and they were back to normal. Good Luck!