Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Late Labor Day

I finally uploaded photos from the camera, which means I have about three weeks worth of blogs to write. Here's the last camping trip of the season for us. We went with my family to Porcupine in the Big Horn Mountains.

My dad brought up a wedge and mallet to split wood. This was one of the things that occupied the girls' time. They took turns and ended up splitting this log (with help from Brandon at the end).

This was another time occupier. My brother bought this dog for his wife. She's the cutest little thing. I could handle a little dog like this. Christine was in heaven playing with her. She wants a pet very badly. Emma is deathly afraid of dogs, but eventually warmed up to Clarabelle. She mostly followed her around with her arms outstretched like she wanted to pick her up, but could never get the courage to follow through.

Christine has always talked fondly of fishing with Michael when she was two. I'm very surprised that she remembered it. Michael fished one other time with the girls this year, but without any luck. This time, Christine turned out to be a great little angler. Emma was pretty bored with it and finally told Michael that Christine could take her turns for her. Christine thought the worms were gross and wouldn't touch them; she had no problems holding the fish though. Here is Christine with one of her fish. It started wriggling just as I was taking the picture. She caught nine.

Here are her nine and Brandon's two. She was very proud of herself.

After we left our clearing from our fishing trip, we saw this moose walking around where we had been moments before. Thankfully we were already across the road and close to the car.

This was Emma's favorite activity. I think my sister-in-law went home with two dozen wildflowers.

I'm a little glad to be done with camping this year (I loathe the mountain of laundry that follows us home). I know the girls love it and next year will be interesting with Jacob.


Casa de Croft said...

You totally need a dog. Um, does Christine not know the fishing rule? You have to kiss the fish you caught? It's best to have your picture taken so that there is evidence of it happening. Looks like a fun trip. Looking forward to the other 2 weeks worth of pictures and blogging. Miss you guys.

Michelle Croft said...

That rule does not apply in our house. It was enough that she held the fish and watched them get cleaned.

Stacey said...

I despise kudos to you for doing it with a smile AND looking forward to next year....You rock!! Cute picts, as always!