Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christine's life, etc.

Christine has a much more exciting life than the rest of us, so I'll tell you a little about her new school adventures. Any of you that know Christine, know that she is smart, but very slow and deliberate with tasks she is given. Nearly all of her pictures that come home are unfinished, but each color is chosen with care and each stroke has a purpose. She is very serious about what she does. She has never finished a meal at school. We finally convinced her to take tastes of everything so she wasn't just living on chocolate milk and bread. She loves her teacher and class and says she makes a new friend almost every day. So far her most favorite friend is Ali. Her favorite part of school is recess, but she loves show and tell days and library days. She is very excited for Friday because they are having a bear fair. She is supposed to take her "best behaved bear" to school that day. The bear will sit with her and they have all sorts of activities planned that are bear related.

To be honest, I'm a little disappointed with her school experience so far. They are learning to count to ten, learning their colors, and how to write their names. She and most of her friends can read, count past 100, do simple math, etc. The things they are learning now are things that she knew before going to preschool. However, there are kids in her class that don't know these things. I wish they could be challenging her right now though. She loves it and is having fun, so I can't complain too much.

On to Emma. She is starting preschool next week. I use the word preschool loosely. She has a lot of kids her age in our ward, so all of the moms got together and decided to do our own school. Emma is two years away from kindergarten, and we didn't want to send her to two years of preschool, so we are doing this. We call it a joy school, but we aren't doing any of the joy school curriculum. Each of the moms will take a turn teaching two days a week. It works out that I will teach four weeks out of the year. I'm asking you to pray for me because the first turn is mine. I will have eight three year olds for two hours at my house next Tuesday and Thursday. She is very excited.

Now to Jacob. Not a lot new for him. He rolls around the house and sounds a lot like a girl when he screams (happy screams). He is starting to eat more solid foods, but still doesn't care for rice cereal. Even when I put other food with it, he doesn't eat as enthusiastically as when the rice is missing. He is still growing so fast and will be six months old tomorrow.

As for the rest of our clan, our most exciting news is that we finally have a moving date. We will be moving around the corner on October 10. Unfortunately, we (mainly Michael) are already tired of moving. For the past two months he has moved someone once a week on average. One week, he helped move two families. Hopefully after we move, Michael will get a break. That seems to be all for the updates on our family. I would resolve to be a better blogger, but we're just not that interesting.


Casa de Croft said...

You are not boring! Christine's school will get more challenging. It's the getting to know you phase. The kids adjusting and the teacher evaluating levels. This is just busy work for the teacher to find out who belongs by whom for listening purposes, etc. Believe me, it will get hard soon enough and she will be tired! With her lunch, here's an idea-maybe take post it notes and number 1,2,3, etc in order of what you want her to eat so she eats the most important things first even if she runs out of time. Tell the teacher your concern about Christine being on "Christine time", but she will also see this happening and work with her on it. Kinder is such a thrilling year. Bear day sounds fun. I'm sure Emma will have fun and JOY with her schooling-especially with mom teaching! Great talking to you today. We miss you!

Stacey said...

You are not boring!! You are busy with 3 kiddos!! Christine reminds me of you...takes her time and everything has a purpose...need I remind you of the ruler??? :)
Yay for moving and then Michael being done!! I love when you post!!

Kathy said...

Well, I think chocolate milk and bread sound just fine !!! Hopefully Christine's teacher will "see the light" and realize how advanced Christine really is. Don't worry, she'll end up being the teacher's favorite I'm certain - the sweetest, the smartest, the kindest, the best cooperator (is that a word?), the best homework finisher. I hope her teacher challenges her so that she doesn't get bored. Good luck with your little Joy school - I don't envy you - well maybe just a little. Are you buying a new home?

Michelle Croft said...

Kathy, I wish we were buying. We'll be managing a small apartment complex.