Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a date

I had a checkup today and scheduled an induction date. On March 20, we'll have our boy here! Cross your fingers that it isn't a busy day at the hospital, or they will postpone it. When I had Emma, every room was filled. If I hadn't gone into labor myself, they would have turned me away. Hopefully they won't be that busy again. I'll have to post again later with more updates, there's been a few changes at our house recently, but I promised the girls we would go to the library.


Stacey said...

Way to leave us hanging....changes??? I hope you are feeling well and!! March 20 is between the 9 and the 26...I guess that is ok...haha! Exciting!! Who is your doc in Billings? Brooke and Brenner were born there. Have a great night and I hope all is well with your adorable family!! Hugs~

Lindsay said...

Hey Michelle!! I am so excited for you, congrats. We are expecting number 4 in June, it was so fun to find your blog and see how you are doing. Good luck