Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today is Michelle's Birthday!
She's going to kill me when she sees I've posted this on the blog, but everyone should wish her a happy birthday today!


Stacey said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!! What a sweet hubby you have! :)

Kristin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Have a good one!!

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday, Michelle! I hope that Mike takes you out or makes you something yummy!

Kristy said...

Hi Michelle,
I found your blog off of Stacey's. Hope you don't mind me taking a look;)
You probably don't know me, but you know my family. My mom is Kathy Brown. I am Mike's cousin. My Grandpa Stevens and his Grandma Verda were brother and sister. So, I guess that makes you a cousin as well;);) The last time I saw Mike he was just a little guy. I used to babysit my Croft cousins. I haven't seen any of them since Patrick was a tiny baby. My mom has told me how cute Mike's girls are, and she was right. They are so cute. Do you guys ever see the Kidgell Cousins in Billings. I haven't seen Koye and Karson since my grandpa Stevens Funeral, 7 years ago. If you see them, tell them Hi.
Sorry for the long comment. It's just nice to see a family member I haven't seen forever;)
Feel free to check out our blog anytime.
Kristy (Brown) Sinks

heatherann said...

Happy late birthday! I linked over from Sarah's blog. Cindy told me to check out the post on Will learning to read. (Which was amazing)... Anyway, I loved the pregnancy countdown clock! It helps people like me who have memory issues (aka mom-brain) so we don't have to keep asking you "When are you due?" lol.. by the way.. your baby is now bigger than Jeffery when he was born at 32 weeks. Not that it matters, but that magic number always triggers that thought... lol.