Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cartoons vs Reality

I have my neighbor's 8 year old granddaughter this week. We were watching a dvd of old Tom and Jerry cartoons yesterday afternoon. On one of the cartoons, Tom learns to play the piano so Jerry will do the waltz. It starts with one note on a page, he turns the page and there are two notes, then three, and so on. After about ten pages, he throws the book away and plays like a concert pianist. Later in the afternoon, we were playing and singing on our piano. My neighbor's granddaughter said, "Can you teach me how to play the piano?" I told her it takes years and a lot of practice. Her response was, "But Tom learned in like 30 seconds!" It made me laugh to think that she really believed what she saw on tv. It made me think of pro wrestling. Growing up, we had one of the old tvs that had the push buttons for the channels. My brothers and I would fight over what to watch (they usually won unless I pulled out the tears with a yell to mom). They loved pro wrestling and I remember overhearing my mom talk about it being fake. They would not believe me. It was quite a while before they saw the light. I wonder what they think of their beloved soap operas now.

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