Monday, June 29, 2009

That was one expensive reunion

Michael and my 10 year class reunion was this weekend. I'll just say that the actual reunion was...interesting. I'm sure most of my classmates don't remember it. It was nice to see most of the people though. So here is our breakdown of costs for the reunion.

Expense: 1 day off for Michelle and 1 vacation day for Michael
Expense: $50 for reunion
Expense: about $15 for gas there and back
Expense: whatever the hospital in Lovell charges for this...

My parents house is long and Emma loves to run as fast as she can from one end to the other. We were getting ready to go see the fireworks at Horseshoe Bend Saturday night when she ran into the living room...straight into a card table. In her defense, the card table is not usually there, it was after sunset, and there weren't any lights on in the living room.

There are four stitches there, it's not so much a cut, as her skin just split from how hard she hit the table. Thanks to Kent and Keesha for taking Christine to the fireworks! We sent her with them because we didn't think that we would make it out there. It's amazing how different the wait time (and other things) is between St. V's and this itty, bitty, little ER. We were there for less than an hour. We did end up making it to the lake, but Emma could not stay awake. I felt so bad for her because she was so excited to see the fireworks.

She was such a trooper during all of this, Christine too. Emma gets hurt. A lot. This is not our first ER trip. Whenever something big is going on with Emma or Jacob, Christine goes into super sister mode. This is the fastest we ever see her move. She obeys instantly and does whatever she can to make things smoother. I really am amazed at how she handles these situations. Emma does her part well too. She very rarely cries when she gets hurt. After we got her on the bed to be sewn up, she shed one tear as they were giving her the numbing shots and said, "It weally huts." She hasn't cried over it since, and she's only had one dose of Tylenol. I think we'll skip our 20 year reunion.


Kristy said...

I didn't go to my 10 year or my 20 year reunion. I don't think I missed much, but I do feel bad about it. I did have good reasons for not going...we were moving, and my husbands family reunion.
To bad it wasn't that great. Nathan didn't enjoy his 10 year either.
Poor little Emma, hope her eye feels better soon.
My mom said she talked to my blog for a little blog party invite;);)

Stacey said...

Ohhhhh...I am sorry your reunion was not GREAT...what does "interesting' mean??? I never have gone to mine. Sorry about your princess and her eye! OUCH!!!

Michelle Croft said...

I think some people would be embarrassed if I posted what I really thought about my reunion, so I'll just leave it at interesting.

Stacey said...

Really??/ That is too bad!! Sorry yo did not enjoy it!

Lindsay said...

Interesting to say the least and we only went to a little of the bowling:) Chad's 20th was a lot mellower, people must mellow out with age;) I am so sorry about little Emma, what a trooper though, wow. It was so good to see you guys even though it was for a short time. Hope she heals quickly.

Brenda said...

I was waiting for something to be "Priceless". Hummmm.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your little girl. I am glad you come to the reunion even though it was so interesting. I know James was glad to you see both. He thinks you are a "good egg" as he puts it.