Thursday, June 11, 2009


Emma is in the "why" phase. I keep telling myself that she is just trying to learn about the world around her, other times I'm pretty sure she is trying to make me crazy! My mom and Brandon came to get the girls this morning. It took some convincing that we should wait inside instead of on the front steps. They were so excited to go. They even got to go to Costco to pick out fruit to take to Grandma's. By the way, Costco is their ultimate destination. There are snacks around nearly every corner. Anyway, Brandon called me about an hour later to ask how to get Emma to stop asking why (ask her why not?). It's someone else's turn to have all the answers!

I'm sure they are having a great time. Having them gone makes me wonder what I did with my time when I had two nappers. The little girl I watch and Jacob took their big naps during the same time. I remember when Christine and Emma used to do that. What I don't remember is what I did. Looking back, I remember having moments of frustration, which now are laughable times (sometime I'll post about the pound of brown sugar rubbed into the couch). At times I was overwhelmed with two little ones, now having two little ones here seems like a vacation. It's funny how a different perspective makes things seem. I remember wishing that they were a little older, "then it will be easier" was my naive thought. I wouldn't say it's harder or easier, just different (still hard though). The biggest difference of today though was the silence. Sweet silence, it is it's own music.


Stacey said...

Your mom and Brandon must have had an event filled trip to Costco and trip to Lovell... :)

ENJOY your peace and quiet!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah we are planning on going. I will be the one hidding in the corner.