Monday, June 15, 2009

I deserve an award

I have to congratulate myself for a minute. I made it through Costco and out of the lot with four kids (5, 3, 1 & 3 mos) in 15 minutes! Granted my list was only 6 items long, but nonetheless, it was a wonderful feat. Costco doesn't open until 10 and Emma's swim lesson started at 11, so I didn't have any time to spare. I was so proud of the girls, they were so good.

Okay, enough about me. The girls got home Saturday. They had such a good time. On Thursday they got to go to a double-header of Brandon's and didn't get to bed until 10. They got to play in the dirt which they love. On Friday they went to see my grandma and visit my grandpa in the hospital. Side note - my grandpa has been in the hospital here since the end of May and is finally back in Lovell gaining strength to go home. Hopefully he'll be out soon. Anyway, I'm not sure what else they did on Friday, their details are sparse. On Saturday they came back to Billings and met us downtown at the Strawberry Festival. Christine cried for about half of the ride home because she wanted to stay with grandma.

To end our great Saturday our friends Dan and Betsy were in town and we were able to meet them for dinner. We love being able to see them. The girls get so excited to see their boys, but then when we're together they hardly talk to them. Silly girls! Anyway that's our weekend update. On the whole it was a great weekend.

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Stacey said...

Way to go on the 15 min. Costco run!! Award, I should say!
Glad you had a great weekend, those are the best!