Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Beginning of Photos

I've been asked to post photos of the new place. As things get put together here, I'll post more photos. This first photo is one of the most important additions. It's more of a laundry closet than laundry room, but to us it is Eden. Through our years together, we have gone back and forth between owning a washer and dryer and coin-op. For the last move in Laramie, we had to get rid of our washer and dryer. Christine was only three months old at the time, so the mountains of laundry were just mole hills then. Moving to Billings didn't change that, but the mountain started growing. After Jacob was born, washing clothes started getting ridiculously expensive. We would spend around $100 a month just for quarters. When it came time for the move, we were ecstatic to have our own machines. We anticipated having to do the dreadful laundromat for the first little bit until we had enough saved to get our own.

Luckily for us, there are always people who watch out for us. Michael had a co-worker who had just replaced his set and decided to give us his old set. There isn't anything wrong with them; they work great. The week before we moved, I refused to do any laundry in the old apartment, and by the time we got here, I had two days worth of laundry to do. The real joy of having our own was realized last night when Emma threw up in our bed at 2:30. Normally, I would have had to make sure I had enough quarters, and then feel bad about using the noisy machines in the middle of the night (we shared a set with three other apartments that shared a hallway with us). When I finished washing our bedding, I realized that to do those loads at the old place, it would have cost over $8 and probably would have been more because the machines were smaller. Thanks again to Dan and Briana; you guys are the best!


Casa de Croft said...

Ahhh, bliss! Now, looking for a picture of your new sneaky piano!

Stacey said...

ahhhhhhh......Good friends!! A little piece of heaven for you!