Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sneaky Husband

A few years ago, we got a screaming deal on a piano. A lady in Columbus wanted to get rid of her piano, but to ship it anywhere from Columbus cost more than the piano was worth, so she decided to give it away. Some very good friends helped us load it into a truck, up and down a flight of stairs and into our house. When we finished moving it in, Michael said it wasn't moving again and would stay with the apartment. It is 106 years old and very beautiful, although beat up. It's one of the old behemoth uprights. The wood work on it is gorgeous. I had dreams of refinishing it and returning it to glory, however it wasn't ever something we could afford to do.

My mom told me about a couple of pianos that were for sale, but I figured why buy one when the one I have works fine. Little did I know that she and Michael were sneaking around behind my back. A piano from a retired band teacher that she had worked with came for sale. She asked if I wanted it, and I gave my standard response. She decided that the behemoth needed to be traded in for a sleeker model. She conspired with Michael to sell my piano and put the new one in without me knowing. They almost did it, but didn't factor in that the buyer would want to look at the piano. Michael finally had to spill the beans so I could show the piano to a prospective buyer. I'm a little sad that I didn't get to refinish it, but not sad enough to turn a newer piano down. I still haven't seen the new piano. It was moved in to the new apartment yesterday, but I haven't had time to go over.

As a side note, I was a little slow about the whole thing. They were very good at keeping it hidden, but if I had paid attention, I could have figured it out. A girl in our ward had been looking for a piano on Craigslist. She asked if we were selling ours and I said no. She told me she had seen an ad that had a piano similar to mine and even had the same picture hanging above it (it's a popular picture). I assured her that it wasn't for sale and didn't think another thing about it. Her husband later told her that Michael was spreading the word in our ward that it was for sale but to make sure to not let me know. Even though I'm not blond anymore, I still have my moments. Thanks again Mom and Michael; I'm sure I'll love it.


Stacey said...

YAY!! I love that they were sneaky...those are the best 'surprises'. I hope you enjoy your new piano. Good luck with the move, at least you won't be moving your piano...Tony threatens to leave mine every time we move. The movers always put it somewhere I don't want it and he ends up having to move it. :) I always sweet talk the movers though!!

Brenda said...

What Fun!