Friday, October 30, 2009

Old and New

One of the new additions to our house is a new piano. I wrote earlier about how this change came about. Click here to read about it. The first picture is the old piano. As a reference for size, the same picture is hanging above the new piano at about the same level on the wall. It doesn't even come close to touching it. Emma came up to the space just above the keyboard, but below the inset. She can reach the top of the new piano. We love the new piano. The only thing I miss about the old piano is that the cover for the keyboard locked. The kids are pretty good about staying off of it when Jacob is napping, so it isn't a real problem. The new piano has a bench, which my parents worried that Emma would use to climb on top of the piano. This hasn't happened yet, and she's not much of a climber anymore anyway, so hopefully it will just be used as a piano bench.

The behemoth, big and beautiful.

The svelte new version, slim and trim.

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Stacey said...

I like both!! Glad you are happy with your new one!! Hopefully Jacob won't become a climber....